With serenity and respect, we work reliably and with pleasure.

Ingenieurplan Siebel GmbH

The architecture and engineering office IP-Siebel was founded in 1994.
It arose from the architecture office Siebel and the engineering office Ingenieurplan GmbH (structural engineering and technical building services), which operated in Haan since 1956.

Since 1994, the office is managed in the 2nd generation by Jochen Siebel.

It operates the architectural design and construction management
of several projects throughout Germany.


Architecture needs to be considered in a holistic manner.
Budget, technical feasibility, the ecology and clients’ requirements.
The architect takes care of everything.

Every new project is always a challenge to combine
the wishes of the owners and users with plausible construction
and flawless finish in a timeless & exciting architecture.
The architect is the reliable partner of the client throughout the entire project.

As a Project Manager, we accompany the client through the initial design idea, the local construction, to the handover and removal of defects.

The continuous involvement of all architects and engineers in the project steering forms a strong project management for the client.

Our project and construction managers live this philosophy
and represent all clients reliably in the planning and on the
construction site for the realization of their projects.

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